Networking Basics 2: How to Request a Conversation

Learn how to successfully reach out to professional networking contacts.

Once you've learned who you need to connect with and how to find them in Networking Basics 1: How to Find People in Your LinkedIn Network, it's time to start connecting.

In Networking Basics 2: How to Request a Conversation, you'll learn how to reach out to your chosen contacts with emails that get you a 'yes'.

We'll show you how to write authentic conversation request emails with all of the necessary ingredients to get you a response. You'll be able to write these emails without harmful email templates, and without starting from scratch. Striking the right balance between professional and natural will be easy once you're done with this course.

This networking course will teach you how to write a conversation request email with:

  • The right ingredients to get you a 'yes'
  • A friendly yet professional tone
  • Your authentic voice, without templates or starting from scratch

Learn how to write natural, customized conversation request emails that will get you responses—without the guesswork.

Forget fake, robotic networking. Networking today means building authentic connections.

To propel your career forward, it's about connecting authentically with the right people in your network. Whether you're looking for access to the 85% of jobs that aren't posted online, want to save years by finding the right career fit, or need help navigating tricking workplace situations, networking will get you where you need to be.

In our four-part Networking Basics course, you'll learn how to start, build, and maintain professional relationships that will fast track your career.

Your Instructor

Sue Wollan Fan
Sue Wollan Fan

Sue Wollan Fan is the Founder & CEO of MANGO Connects, a career app that helps you tap your network effectively to advance your career. She is passionate about doing work that matters and helping others do the same.

She been a career coach and mentor as a corporate executive at Accenture and Best Buy Corp., a nonprofit leader, a tech entrepreneur, and a mom of three daughters. Her book “Stop Networking. Start Connecting.” is due out in 2018.

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