Networking for Mentoring Advice

How to build a mentor relationship for career success.

Even the most successful people don't go it alone. When you find yourself faced with unique career challenges, the best people to talk to are the ones who have navigated the same circumstances that you're facing.

If you want to find a mentor to coach and support you through career hurdles, it's time to start networking.

The sooner you start connecting to build mentor relationships in your network, the sooner you'll:

  • Learn how to navigate tricky workplace situations
  • Gain access to undiscovered resources and connections
  • Get invaluable career advice from those who've been there before you

In the Networking for Mentoring Advice course, you'll learn how to:

  • Find mentors in your network
  • Send a conversation request that gets a response
  • Ask the right questions for gaining mentoring advice
  • Lead a professional conversation with confidence
  • Write a followup that keeps your mentor relationship going

Build relationships with the mentors that'll give you the information, advice, and resources you need to navigate unique career challenges successfully.

Your Instructor

Sue Wollan Fan
Sue Wollan Fan

Sue Wollan Fan is the Founder & CEO of MANGO Connects, a career app that helps you tap your network effectively to advance your career. She is passionate about doing work that matters and helping others do the same.

She been a career coach and mentor as a corporate executive at Accenture and Best Buy Corp., a nonprofit leader, a tech entrepreneur, and a mom of three daughters. Her book “Stop Networking. Start Connecting.” is due out in 2018.

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