FREE: LinkedIn Search for Career Explorers

How to find people in your LinkedIn network that can help you make sense of your career options.

Are you stuck at a career crossroads, unsure about where to go or how to get there?

You’re not alone. It’s important to find a job that aligns with your personality, preferences and passions. Connect with people in your LinkedIn network who can help you make sense of your career options and choose your next step.

In “LinkedIn Search for Career Explorers”, you learn the strategies and best practices that enable you to:

  • Identify the best people who can provide you with valuable guidance and insights into your career options and how to makes sense of your fit in an industry
  • Find those individuals on LinkedIn quickly and efficiently

By the end of this course, you will know the secret to tapping your network to find and fast-track your path to success!

Your Instructor

Sue Wollan Fan
Sue Wollan Fan

Sue Wollan Fan is the Founder & CEO of MANGO Connects, a career app that helps you tap your network effectively to advance your career. She is passionate about doing work that matters and helping others do the same.

She been a career coach and mentor as a corporate executive at Accenture and Best Buy Corp., a nonprofit leader, a tech entrepreneur, and a mom of three daughters. Her book “Stop Networking. Start Connecting.” is due out in 2018.

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